Piero Roi - Terraforming the Traversal of Man Against the Expectation of His Horizons.

By Brad Feuerhelm

There are central axis points along the horizon that give gravity and weight into which man holds his place to the spinning and gyrating wobble of the globe which he traverses.
These axis points run in vertical parallels, often ignoring the tilts and valleys from which they cast their grids.
Temerity, good fortune and a resolve to continue are the only assertions in which a bi-pedal form lumbers, treading against the uniform alliance of imagined grids and parallels.
Troughs and Peaks are impending weights placed on intrepid form.
This commitment, this will to continue movement against the polar flattening of an earthen form gives credence to anima, life and thus the rigor in which they climb, slide or plummet into the valley and shadows of the realm of the uncanny.
Its “look” or feature observed from afar constantly reminds their limbs of that which they seek.
They stride the land through these geological fragmentations striking against their charred and nebulous ridges and troughs pulling together associations and investigations of their place within.
This is the particle summation of existence known to have resided long before their nimble feet had formed.
In challenging the wide and open, yet compressed atmosphere, the wanderer, feeling the pull of orbits and axis points accumulates its sensory disposition.
It grinds along with its feet, grounded and yet in constant transit pleading for the potential of its origin, but also the finite points of its collapse.
Its eyes, under constant agitation of the globe’s rotation summit and fall, it becomes of atmosphere, of condensation and of rock trembling and crushed under the heels of well-worn boots.
All of this points to lesser heavens rent asunder and from above, rent in the light of its own divine nature.
There is an specific seismic governance that runs through the wanderer from deep below the crust in which it traverses.
The vibrations are sonic as well as seismic and create within this form a tremor of fear and excitement alike, commonplace for those who listen and less for those who simply see.
This aggregate and disparate event is in tune with the greatest of human vessels.
The whirling dervish of the Sufi faith is the best precedent for departure.
Their communication is a reminder of God and a strict and cacophonic embrace of heavens through the axis point of their bodies spinning lucidly against and with the murmurs of earth and heaven.
Each individual of the order may be accused of acting as a conduit of precision in disarray.
As an act of defiance, it begins to speculate about its position if it is not of the order subscribed to the same mystic and faithful bend of Sufism.
First, an act of parallel observance, followed by the gravitas to lift tool against the horizon-to make static that which vibrates, to create within its relationship to it a “stop” button.
In doing so, it ponders its mastery over the course of the wobble, the order, and the frequency, which it believes holds control over it, locked in orbits and the gravity of the compression it exudes over its being.
In raising its hand to the device, it beholds a mastery of all and its course is set for the postulation of future eyes to decipher.
It creates an archaeological record for itself and it terraforms through silence and blockades the seismic through its actions rendering them if only for the smallest of moments inept and unable to preside over its body in shadow and ever-diminishing returns of light.
Here, amongst the obsidian shard and amongst to dust it is the true and righteous emblem of self-governance.
To stop time by action of hand is nothing short of godly.
Here barefoot and blind, the children of its future run in gardens of rusty scissors and slippery wet blades of long grass, mouths open pleading for rain.

Piero Roi, born 1971, is an artist working with film photography and site-specific installation.
He currently lives and works in Madrid

Video by http://mgmarraco.com/